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MONROVIA – Prior to a three-month seminar, the University of Liberia College of Health Sciences (ULCHS) through the Center for Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CTLI) as part of its Flagship Program: Advancing Health Entrepreneurship Research (HEALR) hosted a one-day orientation seminar for ambitious idealists towards entrepreneurship.

The program is supported by the Bringing Research to Impact for Development and Global Engagement – Utilization (BRIDGE-U Liberia) project funded by the United States Agency for International USAID.

Accordingly, the seminar, which runs from October 3, 2022 to December 12, 2022, aims to expose ambitious idealists to entrepreneurship to create a mindset to develop innovative solutions to health problems/challenges in Liberia.

The course will offer strategic approaches on identifying ideas, researching ideas and developing concepts to become an entrepreneur. Participants will gain essential knowledge, skills and attitude for employability and practice good leadership to run a successful business.

The course will provide an appropriate and conducive environment for participants to exchange ideas, share experiences and engage in peer-to-peer learning.

Speaking at the Orientation Seminar, Benson Hospital Chief Executive Dr. Angela Benson urged women to be disciplined and focused in the face of discrimination against women.

She said it is time for women to pursue their goals and not be discouraged by public perception if they are to contribute positively to the change needed in Liberia.

“As women, we have many challenges to overcome, but you have to push to achieve your goals. You need to be disciplined, set your goal, focus and follow your goals. Do not be discouraged by public perception if you are to contribute to change in Liberia,” she said.

Mr. James Mulbah, CEO of Green Cities, who was also one of the panelists on the occasion, urged young people to do more volunteer work within their respective communities.

In addition, two participants of the seminar in the person of Steve Konah, executive director of “For Beach Project”, and Augustina L. Appleton, leader of Samuel Kanyan Doe Youth expressed their enthusiasm for the program and their desire to become entrepreneurs.

“I’m really excited about the moral lessons taught by the two panelists today. We were taught that to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to start by volunteering. I think that lesson is good for us young people, because we young people also put the issue of financial benefits first,” Konah said.

“I’m interested in this entrepreneurship program – it’s important because it helps bring about the changes in society, especially the changes we want in Liberia,” Ms. Appleton said.

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