Students with entrepreneurship skills will grow the economy – stakeholders

BIC Nigeria and an experiential education platform, Enactus, said developing the entrepreneurial spirit of young people to become successful business leaders and social innovators will help grow the economy of the country. country.

The duo said this in a statement made available to the punchduring a partnership business skills building workshop for Nigerian students called “Mentor Me”, which exposed participants to the inner workings of BIC operations while teaching insightful lessons on how to succeed personally and professionally.

He said the 2022 “Mentor Me” program included 15 Enactus Nigeria students from the University of Lagos, Bayero University Kano and the University of Port Harcourt.

Students participated in tasks such as product innovation, negotiation, branding, and planning sales and marketing campaigns.

Enactus Nigeria Country Director, Michael Ajayi said, “If we are to develop our economy and rid the nation of the social crisis we are currently facing, we must deliberately invest in the development of entrepreneurship. of our young people and mentor them to become successful business leaders and social innovators. It is by making such deliberate and selfless efforts that we encourage young people to make a meaningful contribution to the process of solving the socio-economic challenges facing our society. Working with organizations, such as BIC, on programs to mentor, grow and develop the skills of the next generation, through practical work and real-world implementation, is essential.

BIC Nigeria Managing Director, Guillaume Groues, added that “At BIC, we are constantly working to improve the learning conditions for students. Mentor Me is a beneficial hands-on exercise that complements Enactus National and World Cup events, while giving students a taste of the real world of business. These programs allow students to think outside the box and find creative solutions to societal challenges facing their communities.

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