Students from a non-profit organization learn entrepreneurial skills using indoor farm units

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) — Students at Church Hill Academy are learning to farm in non-traditional ways through the nonprofit called “CHAT.” They team up with Dominion Energy to maintain an indoor farm with unique technology from Babylon Micro Farms.

Indoor farming units allow you to grow produce twice as fast all year round. The technology does not replace traditional outdoor agriculture but complements it, uses less water and soil and contains no pesticides.

“I didn’t know what to expect because I was like there was no way it could grow and taste good without it coming out of the ground and without sunlight and nutrients, but it has makes it taste much better and much easier than growing it outdoors,” said Michaela Alexander, senior at Church Hill Academy.

“It’s kind of a problem-solving solution for the problems we had before. So we’re able to reduce costs and emissions, so it’s a solution to a lot of those issues,” said Craig Carper, senior communications specialist at Dominion Energy.

The program teaches students how to grow and harvest fresh produce and helps them sell it to customers in the Front Porch Cafe on Nine Mile Road.

Babylon Indoor Farm Unit inside Dominion’s Tom Farrell Building((Source: Dominion Energy))

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