SMEDAN trains Delta teachers in entrepreneurial skills

By Ifeanyi Olannye

The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) on Tuesday started a three-day capacity building for teachers of entrepreneurship in Asaba, Delta.

The Director General of SMEDAN, Mr. Olawale Fasanya, in his welcome address to the training, said that the general idea behind capacity building was to catch pupils and students young, equipping them with entrepreneurial skills .

Fasanya said that SMEDAN, through its flagship program, “Mind Shift – National School Entrepreneurship Program (N-SEP)-2022, aims to build entrepreneurial skills in the minds of primary and secondary school students through the through their teachers.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the training program was organized by SMEDAN, in partnership with the Delta State Government.

Fasanya, represented by the Agency’s South-South Zone Coordinator, Mr. Egbuna Iloba, said the essence of the program was encapsulated in the adage: “Give a man a fish, he will eat it for a daytime ; teach a man to fish and he will eat all his life.”

He said that with the World Bank predicting that 40 million more people will join the economically active group by 2040 in sub-Saharan Africa, it has become imperative for young Nigerians to be supported with education and training. that promote job creation.

According to him, the program is designed to build the capacity of teachers who, in turn, will prepare pupils and students and turn them into entrepreneurs.

“There is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty among Nigerian students about their future due to the lack of opportunities in the job market and their lack of entrepreneurial skills to embark on new ventures.

“Given the number of people entering the unemployment market, it has become imperative for young people to be supported with education and training that promotes job creation and wealth creation.

“It is on this premise that the Mind Shift Entrepreneurship Program (MEP) was designed by SMEDAN.

“The program is designed to harness the dynamic energy of students and young people and channel it into the productive creation and management of their own businesses.

“The program provides access to functional and practical entrepreneurship, financial literacy and community service education, to all primary and secondary school students in Nigeria,” Fasanya said.

According to him, the MEP program is piloted by the N-SEP for primary and secondary education and the Tertiary Institutes Entrepreneurship Development Program (TINEDEP).

“We got buy-in from universities, polytechnics and colleges of education, and regulators approved the program.

“Program objectives include: instilling the culture of entrepreneurship in early-age students and involving many businesses and community leaders in a program that positively impacts the lives of young people and the community,” he said. he declares.

Fasanya said SMEDAN carefully crafted the teacher’s manual to guide teachers on how to hold pupils and students on their entrepreneurial journey.

He, however, urged the state government to take ownership of the program and make it available to all schools in the state.

On her part, Ms. Rose Ezewu, State Commissioner for Secondary Education, represented by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Sir Austin Oghoro, while declaring the program open, commended SMEDAN for the capacity building.

She described the program as the first of its kind, while urging the agency to maintain the commitment to equip Nigerians with skills for growth and development.

According to Ezewu, the program is worthy of emulation, the training will enable the state government to chart a new course in shaping the mindset of pupils and students in the fields of business development and creation of riches.

“The teachers in this course have been specially selected to be at the forefront of this program.

“And, I wish to enjoin you to effectively use the skills learned to improve the education sector and develop the school children of the state,” she said.

While charging the participants with the training, Ezewu expressed his belief that the results of the training would be beneficial for the teachers, pupils, students and the state as a whole.

In his remarks, SMEDAN State Director Mr. Leke Babalola urged the teachers to engage in the training adding that it will be a win for all in the end. (NAN)(

Edited by Olabisi Akinbode/Isaac Aregbesola

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