SMEDAN Group Partners, Access Bank on Developing Entrepreneurship for Women – The Whistler Newspaper

A non-governmental organization, Mother of Models partners with the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency and Access Bank Plc in the area of ​​entrepreneurship development for women.

The partnership would also allow Access Bank to provide loans to successful women through a mentorship program.

The program is part of a reality show called “40 and Fabulous” and aims to empower women aged 40 and over to contribute to the economic development of Nigeria.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja, the Managing Director of Mother of Models, Jolly Nnenna Abani, said the reality show has become imperative in order to achieve gender parity in economic and national development.

She said: “We know that most empowerment programs today are aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 35, forgetting those 40 and over. As such, the reality show which features 10 women aims to enhance their skills and talents and empower them thereafter.

“That’s why we partnered with SMEDAN who trained them in entrepreneurship and we also have Access Bank who provided them with loan support on favorable terms. Also Studio 24 trained them in the field of photography among others.

“Thereafter, at the end of the show which will last 60
days, they should be equipped with the necessary skills in fashion design, photography and others. In this way, they can also open their businesses and become labor employers.

Abani added that the reality show, which is the first of its kind, generally aims to take women off the streets and help them achieve their desired dreams, regardless of their age.

She revealed that Access Bank has also pledged to support these beneficiaries with credit facilities.

According to her, “Access Bank promised that after training and documentation, women would be helped with small loans.

“Access Bank came to train them on how to do business, how to access credit facilities and how to manage money. They have also been trained in emotional intelligence.

Abani explained that her organization is committed to “taking women off the streets,” especially vulnerable and abandoned women in society.

She recalled how the vision for the creation of 40 and Fabulous Naija was conceived in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, adding that some of the female beneficiaries of the program were “used, abused, dumped and rejected”.

According to her, the program aimed to restore the dignity of women as well as to help multitasking women in their activities.

“We are rebranding, stabilizing and empowering women. We contribute to national development,” she said.

Also speaking, Mr. Kennedy Aja, Director of Mother of Models International Limited,
said the journey has been difficult, noting that some of the recipients who had previously given up in life, have been redirected to believe they can succeed in life.

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