Program helps women in Rajasthan hone their entrepreneurial skills

WEDP empowered women in Rajasthan to launch start-up projects with profitable results

A series of Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Programs (WEDP) launched by a Jaipur-based research institution have helped a number of women in Rajasthan overcome barriers to business start-up and self-employment during the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19. The orientation enabled them to undertake start-up projects with profitable results.

Most of the WEDPs were designed to train potential women entrepreneurs and were run in a hybrid mode to provide blended learning opportunities. The women were exposed to business theories and practices across multiple sectors, touching on aspects such as business model development, financial and operational planning, market research and funding sources.

The Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) of the Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) conducted the programs. CIIE Chairperson Sheenu Jain said here on Thursday that several fledgling start-ups in the state have started work on a small scale and the women leading them have honed their entrepreneurial skills.

Medical professional Madhu Raturi, 67, who completed a WEDP, started a home care model, Sevaartha, with her son to provide nursing care to patients requiring home care. The company has benefited those who are isolated at home during the pandemic. Dr. Raturi’s institution is currently developing it as a model that could provide employment for educated girls in rural areas.

Neha Khandelwal, who makes handmade paper products, gave her start-up a formal shape with the title “Innovative Papers” while looking for new opportunities in social media marketing. She said learning about the program helped her get more traction for her business.

Reenu Purohit, who has launched an online application, “To Help”, for personalized consultation of women on pelvic health, said it will be used to use assistive equipment and treat problems of puberty, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder in women. .

“A female phenomenon, the WEDPs have given wings to women’s ideas and accelerated their start-up journey. Prospective entrepreneurs have been given an impetus to organize the models that will bridge the gaps existing in various sectors during the pandemic,” Dr. Jain said.

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