Kano Lawmaker urges schools to step up teaching of entrepreneurial skills

By Muhammad Nur Tijani

Representative Sha’aban Sharada (APC-Kano) urged secondary schools to intensify the teaching of entrepreneurial skills to students to inculcate the spirit of self-reliance and the ability to develop the country.

Sharada, who represents Kano Municipal Federal Constituency, made the call during the grand opening and first symposium of Enthused Entrepreneurship High School on Thursday in Kano.

He said the potential of entrepreneurship should be identified and nurtured in secondary schools to produce an independent generation rooted in the ability to develop the country.

“It is unfortunate that the importance of developing a creative mind in young people has been overlooked, not given the overriding importance it deserves.

“The challenge facing the world today is to make education meaningful and more
inclusive to this set of young people around the world,” he said.

The legislator pointed out that the current education system in Nigeria focuses on rote learning and therefore does not actively encourage students to think for themselves and prepare them to fulfill their potential.
responsibilities in their efforts.

“We all now understand the reality that entrepreneurial potential must be identified, assessed and developed at the secondary level.

“The emergence of Enthuse Entrepreneurship High School is timely and timely, as elementary entrepreneurship and leadership with conventional school subjects have been conveniently combined,” he said.

The legislator pledged to sponsor the top 10 students from Kano Municipality to study at the school of enthusiastic entrepreneurship under the Sha’aban Sharada scholarship program.

The grand opening and the first annual symposium are themed: “The Institutionalization of Competency-Based Learning as the Cornerstone of Education, Competence, Character and Autonomy in the Age of information.

The event was graced by members of academia, government officials and key figures from various walks of life. (NOPE)

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