JABU inaugurates new VC and promises to sharpen entrepreneurial skills

The Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) Board of Trustees, Ikeji-Arakeji, on Tuesday inaugurated the institution’s fourth substantive Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olasebikan Alade Fakolujo, who pledged that the institution maintains and continues its leading role in entrepreneurship. training in the country.

Fakolujo, who also pledged the institution his commitment to improving the upward academic trend and transforming it into a 21st century university, ensured a strong relationship between the school and its host communities. and the city.

The new VC, who insisted on his handling of discipline and justice, said he would bolster the institution’s entrepreneurial strides, saying there would be retail outlets for some of the products.

According to him, “A situation in which our graduates, after the first or second degree, will be well accomplished and relevant to the nation and the international community”.

“If we have retail outlets for some of the products and people buy into that, we can improve the quality of what we have on the ground, improving the entrepreneurial program,”

The Vice-Chancellor sought the support and cooperation of the University community for a smooth and successful tenure, assuring them to make transparency and teamwork central to his leadership style.

The institution’s Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Board, Professor Anthony Imevbore, revealed that the appointment of the new VC was divine, advising him to rely on his academic excellence and on God to fulfill his duties. his functions in order to develop the university.

“We take this opportunity to wish him every success as the main academic and administrative officer of the university. It is instructive to always remember that the motto of JABU is: “Knowledge and divine service”.

“His appointment is an opportunity to remind everyone that there are two types of knowledge. First, the knowledge that our schools, colleges and universities teach us, which comes to us through our five senses: sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch.

“This knowledge is limited; he cannot find the human spirit. He cannot find out how the mind works in the physical brain. He cannot find God, nor discover the origin of matter, the origin of life, the origin of force, the origin of creation.

“And the other knowledge of the revelation of knowledge which is contained in the Bible. This puts us in contact with the creator. It explains the “why” of creation.

“It also explains the purpose of man, the nature of man, and the ultimate purpose of man. It deals with things which the senses cannot discover or know without the aid of this revealed knowledge. “said Imevbore.

He implored the new VC to “support and participate in college worship sessions. Use his expertise to solve the unduly high expenses regularly incurred by the university for the purchase of diesel fuel in running generators.

The Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kehinde Eniola in his handover speech recounted the achievements made during his six months stewardship after the passing of the 3rd VC Substantial, Prof. Kola Sonaike.

“Mr. Vice-Chancellor, I am delighted to tell you that we have not failed to pay the salaries, as I leave you the seat vacated by Professor Sonaike. No wages are overdue. I also ensured that staff quarters had good aesthetics and that staff had a voice about their well-being.

“A Taiwo was handed over to the 3rd VC in the background, and now a Kehinde is handing over to the 4th VC in the background. I assure you that the grace of God is available here to support you in the mission.

The event brought together senior management and Board members, students and clergy of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), scholars from across the country, who came to witness the first day of Fakolujo on campus.


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