Ivors Academy launches new creative entrepreneurship course TheWRD

Ivors Academy has announced the launch of TheWRD, a new creative entrepreneurship course for students aged 19+.

The two-year continuing education program, which is a UCAS-accredited and recognized course, is backed “by the biggest players in the music industry” according to The Ivors, which is an independent trade association of songwriters. -composers and composers.

The WRD will start in September and offer students the opportunity to study for a pre-degree degree in Creative Entrepreneurship, the program aimed at giving young people “the chance to build a career in this highly competitive industry”.

The course will consist of distance and in-person learning, including mentorship days at local music venues across the UK.

Students will be trained and mentored by a range of “music artists, publishers, producers, composers, technicians, marketers, business executives, lawyers, accountants, graphic designers, high-level publicists and agents”, according to A press release.

The course will be publicly funded for those who qualify or can be privately funded, while TheWRD also aims to form additional partnerships “to provide scholarships to cover the cost of the course”.

“The skills and knowledge students develop will create new opportunities whether they continue their education, start a career in music – in front of or behind the mic – or in another industry,” the press release adds. TheWRD.

Founding Director of TheWRD, Ian Mack, said in a statement: “TheWRD aims to give young creatives access to what they need, when they need it and at an affordable price. Students don’t want long, tedious lectures on irrelevant topics. They want premium, relevant content delivered in small chunks in immersive online experiences and through real-world mentoring in real locations.

“TheWRD is a safe and creative space where students can realize their potential.”

You can learn more about TheWRD by going here.

The Ivors Academy is hosting its annual songwriting awards ceremony today (May 19), featuring names like Adele, SAULT and Sam Fender.

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