entrepreneurship: IIM Sambalpur to develop entrepreneurial skills among tribals

Indian Institute of Management, Sambalpur, has signed an agreement with a research institute to develop entrepreneurial skills among tribal youths and provide them with quality education. The MoU with Adivasi Research and Development Center was signed recently for multi-modal initiatives and projects on education, skills, training and global outreach, IIM Sambalpur said in a statement.

The director of IIM Sambalpur, Mahadeo Jaiswal, described the tribal handicrafts of Odisha as impressive.

Artisans and tribal artisans could earn a good income, but they lack entrepreneurial skills and a good market for their products, Jaiswal said.

“With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, IIM will now focus on developing entrepreneurial skills among tribal youths and working on capacity building,” he said.

Efforts will be made to provide equal space and opportunities by linking them to the global market so that the exquisite tribal handicrafts can fetch a good competitive price, the official said.

The institute will also strive to provide a good market for agricultural products, which are in high demand, but the tribals are not getting a proper price for their products due to lack of proper initiative, according to the director.

The B-School will also try to train the next generation of tribal children for quality education.

“Although there are reservations in educational institutions, one will not find many tribal students in institutions of higher education.

“We will work on how more and more tribal students will go for higher education in good institutions,” Jaiswal said.

IIM faculties and students will visit tribal-dominated areas of the state beginning with the next academic session.

“We will also take support from Ravenshaw University and Odisha Central University for this purpose,” he added.

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