Entrepreneurship Development Program Begins at JKEDI

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PAMPORE: The 10-day Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) under Mission Youth’s Tejaswini (The Radiant) Livelihood Program began today at the campus of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of Jammu and Kashmir (JKEDI).

The program is a special effort of Mission Youth, Government of Jammu and Kashmir, to empower young women, enabling them to become self-sufficient.

The PDE is organized by the Institute of Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs of Pulwama District, in which 45 candidates have registered. During the 10-day PDE, candidates will be instructed in basic business concepts such as formulating business plans, marketing plans, account management, and many other relevant topics.

The program aims to provide financial assistance to young women to establish paid self-employment activities suited to their skills, training, abilities and local conditions. This will empower and encourage women to create income generating units for activities in the manufacturing, service and trade sectors.

Upon successful completion of the training program, these registered candidates will receive assistance in setting up a business or in expanding and modernizing existing units. The project report will also contain provisions for the acquisition of fixed assets (plant and machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures) to meet working capital requirements for the purchase of various products, equipment and tools.

Trained female applicants will also be facilitated to avail financial aid in the amount of Rs 5.00 lakh. This initiative will improve their socio-economic status and lead to the integration of women in nation building.

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