Entrepreneurship Development Cells in Higher Schools

Posted: Date Posted – 01:02 AM, Sat – Jun 26, 21

EDC being created to encourage skills-based training and education EDC being created to encourage skills-based training and education

Hyderabad: Students in public university colleges in the state can now undertake entrepreneurial activities through the entrepreneurship development cells established in these colleges. “Bearing in mind the contemporary requirement to encourage skill-based training and education coupled with providing an appropriate platform to encourage innovation and ideation among students, such facilities were created in government university colleges,” college education commissioner Navin Mittal said on Friday.

He was addressing principals of 123 government colleges and more than 200 heads of ED cells of these colleges in an online webinar “Fostering Culture of Innovation in Government Colleges in Telangana State through Cells ED” organized jointly by the Osmania technology business incubator, Osmania University and the Commissariat à l’enseignement collégial.

According to Professor D Ravinder, Vice Chancellor of the university, Osmania University, through Osmania Technology Business Incubator, provides the necessary training through workshops and webinars to create entrepreneurial skills among its stakeholders.

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