NFTE offers a free course on entrepreneurship

WEST MICHIGAN – Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, or NFTE, is offering a free two-week online course for anyone considering a new direction in their career.

Under normal circumstances, NFTE works with school districts around the world to educate young people on the basics of entrepreneurship education, explained NFTE President and CEO Dr. JD LaRock.

“Any idea can be developed, and we believe everyone has the ability to be an entrepreneur,” Dr. LaRock said. “The process of figuring out how to become an entrepreneur really starts with identifying a business idea that resonates with you, then it proceeds to research that idea and develop it.”

Dr. LaRock says the NFTE has shifted its focus a bit and summarized it for people who are out of work or just looking to pivot due to the pandemic.

“Maybe there’s a business idea they’ve always had in mind that they’d like to share with the world, that’s meant to help them out,” Dr. LaRock said.

The course features videos, interactive assessments, and offers exercises on building a business, all completely free in a self-paced online course.

Dr. LaRock adds that this course can help ordinary workers become better workers, whether or not they plan to start their own business.

“Often, entrepreneurship is necessary to become a successful employee within a company, even if you are not an entrepreneur per se. I’m talking about things like communication, critical thinking, problem solving, the ability to assess and manage risk,” Dr. LaRock added.

For more information or to register for the course, go to and search for “career boost”.

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