Arts, sciences and entrepreneurship course

SciCulture, an Erasmus+ funded project, promotes collaboration between different disciplines and backgrounds to address the complex challenges of our society. Among other things, the project tires of answering questions such as: how can scientific knowledge and creative practices intertwine to promote the well-being of cities? How could arts and play be used to design our urban spaces? How can we imagine a better future for each other? And what can we start doing now to realize that future?

The next edition of the intensive five-day course will be held from November 8 to 12. The course will explore the challenges of sustainability encountered during urban development, using future prospecting, embodied learning and an array of tools to creatively challenge the theme of the future. -to be cities in 2050.

This edition will combine online and physical tools for a comprehensive experience that prepares its participants for the realities of a post-pandemic world.

Fellowship opportunities for associates from partner institutions (University of Malta, University of Exeter, University of Bergen, Delft University of Technology and Science View) end on 1 October.

Paid applications are available for interested persons not associated with partner organizations or who are not eligible for Erasmus+ mobility grants. This modality gives access to the online format of the intensive course.

Paid applications close October 11 and the course runs November 8-12.

To apply, go to https:// science. eu/how-to-apply/.

Course participants will be coached to challenge themselves to develop alternative ways of thinking and learning from others. They will acquire a taste of certain artistic and performance skills, scientific knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit. However, the greatest benefit of the course is developing the skills needed to work with a wide range of people.

Apart from the exchange, the course is also open to other participants. For more information, visit www.sciculture.euFacebook: @SciCultureCourse, Instagram: @SciCulture, Twitter: @culture_sci.

SciCulture: The Intensive Science, Arts and Entrepreneurship Course is organized by the University of Malta, University of Exeter, University of Bergen, TU Delft and Science View. It is funded by the EU Erasmus+ program and with the support of the European Commission.

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